HBGC-300-DA 300 W DALI2 LED Power Supply

By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

The HBGC-300 series is a newly developed LED driver for Bay light and outdoor floodlight luminaires applications with DALI 2 dimming function which can operate with intelligently dimming control to increase the luminaire’s value and functions.
Besides, the HBGC-300 still deigns with our own patented Metal housing (Patented No. CN201220314551) can operate with constant power mode design to reduce the compatible issue and reduce the output models. HBGC-300 has designed with 3 in 1/DALI 2 dimming function. Also compliant with the latest IEC61347/GB7000.1 and UL 8750 regulation. The Isolation design is requirement to apply between the output and dimming circuit.

HBGC-300 Series:
Model   HBGC-300-L-□    HBGC-300-M-□    HBGC-300-H-□ 
Output Voltage Range 116~232V 58~116V 29~58V
  Full Power Current Range    1300~2170 m A    1300~2170 m A    5200~8670 m A 


  • Wide input range 90~305VAC
  • Full power at 60~100% operation.(Constant Power mode)
  • IP67 design for indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Built-in active PFC function and efficiency up to 94.5%
  • Dimming Function options : DALI 2, output adjustable via potentiometer,3 in 1 (0~10VDC, 10V PWM signal and resistance) dimming.
  • Protection function: SCP/OVP/OTP.
  • Surge protection: 6KV(L/N-FG)/4KV(L-N)
  • Dimension (DxH) : 191.5x69 mm
  • 5 years warranty

HBGC-300 Series