Selection Method

  Confirm the forward current and voltage required by the luminaires

Confirm the LED lumen required and the suitable LED (chip) brand. Then, choose the fitting LED drivers based on the forward current and forward Voltage ( Vf ) of the specification.

  Confirm the application and function of the luminaires (driver)

After acquiring the forward current and forward voltage of the LED specifications, choosing the driver models according to the application and design of the luminaire, such as indoor/ outdoor application/ PFC / waterproof protection /dimming function/input voltage range /safety regulations… etc.
  Choose the suitable LED drivers from MEAN WELL website

Confirm all the required functions. Through “Quick Search” of MEAN WELL website, choose the appropriate LED drivers via the options provided.

  Confirm the specifications of the LED drivers

When finding the suitable products through “ Quick search”, please refer to the product specification to confirm the voltage range and current of the driver and the related electrical features: dimming functions / waterproof function / operating temperature/warranty and other requirements. Furthermore, it is recommended that the lowest usage range of the chosen LED driver voltage is at least 2V higher than the actual application Vf voltage to avoid the LED light flashing due to the situation that Vf decreases when operating. In addition, when selecting the driver, add 20% wattage of the actual lamp to reduce the quality problems caused by the long-term operation and the high ambient temperature.

  Contact MEAN WELL sales or distributors

After confirming the specifications of the product; however, unable to choose suitable products, please feel free to contact MEAN WELL sales or distributors through website Sales Inquiry to make an inquiry, including if the selection is appropriate/ samples can be purchased…etc.  Moreover, if you have purchased a sample, please test the electrical features and temperature of the drivers with the luminaire to ensure that luminaires have the best heat dissipation convection / optical design and correct electrical features.