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DALI-2 dimming function available in 2023 Q1


Compact size

Miniaturized design is a feature of the XLG series. The entire series adopts a double-sided PCB layout design, which can reduce the power supply size and provide better product reliability. The compact size is also convenient for customers to use with various luminaire designs.


Constant power mode design

The XLG series provides a complete range of wattage from 20 to 320W, which allows customers to extend their design of the same series of luminaires. The constant power design can provide a wider range of current, and the output current range can be adjusted from 70~100% of the full load operating, reducing customer modifications and inventory issues.


Dimming circuit with isolation design

The full range of designs in the XLG series conforms to the latest safety regulations, and the output and dimming circuits are isolated to ensure the safety of users. In addition, the XLG series provides complete international certification, 3-in-1 and DALI-2 dimming functions, which are convenient for customers marketing and selling their luminaires globally.


LED Driver solutions for outdoor luminaires

This video shares quick introduction to XLG series which has several key features specifically designed for outdoor lighting. Please take a quick look at it!

XLG Series

Wide Input Voltage

100V to 305VAC

No Load Consumption


Wattage Range



5 years


  • Constant Power Mode design LED driver
  • Input over voltage protection(IOVP) available (optional)
  • AC/DC Cable with global certificate
  • Surge protection: 6kV / 4KV
    (10KV / 6KV non-DALI type only)
  • Latest safety requirements of IEC 61347, GB19510.1/14 and UL 8750, dimming circuit with isolation
  • EN/IEC 61347 independent control gear application

Case studies

  • Horticultural Lighting

  • Livestock and Poultry Lighting

  • UV-A LED Curing Applications

Horticultural Lighting

Compared with traditional lighting, LED lighting greatly reduces power consumption and produces lower radiant heat, and provides better temperature and brightness control for greenhouse cultivation. In addition, in accordance with different plant growth stages, LEDs can be used to provide different wavelengths by adjusting the color temperature to help plants grow, increase crop productivity, and improve economic benefits. The XLG series has a complete range of wattage and can provide horticulture lighting applications with different wattages.

Model in Use


Livestock and Poultry lighting

Traditional livestock and poultry lighting uses ballasts and low-frequency fluorescent tubes, but there is a flicker (strobe) problem, which can easily have a visual impact on animals. This in turn causes animals' psychological insecurity, impacting normal growth, and reducing the volume of egg laying, or volume of cow's milk, and other aspects of livestock or poultry production. Changing the traditional lighting to LED lighting with the XLG series LED driver provides constant power and high frequency switching, which can resolve the flicker (strobe) problem, allowing animals to grow in a stable environment, improving the harvest of livestock and poultry products.

Model in Use


UV-A LED curing applications

In the past, the printing industry used UV lamps as the ink curing method for printing equipment. Now, UV LEDs are widely used in curing applications, which can reduce the overall power used by curing lamps and provide longer life (>50,000 hours). In addition, UV LEDs can be used with MEAN WELL’s XLG series LED driver to adjust the brightness (energy) needed according to the distance used, which is also a major advantage of using UV LEDs in the curing process.

Model in Use



Agile Service


48 hours

Sample Delivery


6-8 weeks

Short Lead Time



Standard LED Drivers


5 years

Global Warranty


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